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SCACPEMember categories

Certified Supervisor
for persons certified as a Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor or Associate Supervisor by the Certification Commission

Retired Supervisor
is for certified and inactive supervisors who declare themselves to be retired. Retired active supervisors may still conduct ACPE

Supervisory Candidate
for persons granted this status by their Regional Certification Committee

Inactive Supervisor
for previously certified Supervisors who choose to change to this membership category or are so designated by action of the Regional Certification Committee

Clinical Member
for persons completing four or more units of CPE

Individual Member
for persons agreeing to support the Association and its purposes

Student Affiliate Member
for persons enrolled in CPE or educational degree programs

Center or Cluster Member
for centers and clusters accredited by the Accreditation Commission

Seminary Member
for seminaries designated for membership by the Board of Representatives. Eligibility is based on membership in the Association of Theological Schools or another recognized accrediting agency, or on recommendation by an ACPE Region. Each Seminary Member names a liaison professor who becomes a member of the ACPE Seminary Advisory Council

Denomination/Faith Group/Agency Member
for such organizations designated for membership by the Board of Representatives. Each Denomination/Faith Group Member selects a representative to serve on the ACPE Denomination/Faith Group Advisory Council

Retired Member
for persons retired in their denomination or faith group who are not CPE Supervisors